April 25, 2012 // Super Excited!

So I don't have an actual image update yet, but I'm still damn excited about something else right now! Gohan finally has an approved fanlisting over at TAFL!! It's owned by the same girl who built the beautiful Sacrifice & Bojack Unbound fanlistings -- check it out:


I've also joined a new Goku one as the other was shutdown:


edit 4/29/12: Piccolo has joined the club! :D


January 30, 2012 // Happy Belated New Year!

So I'm a bit late...haha! I'm here with yet another toy update. I've received a few figures over the past few weeks, and have also received a couple more AWESOME gifts from a friend: Figuarts Gohan & SCultures Gohan. CRAZY! Two of the absolute BEST. Head on over to the Toys page and check it out!

Quick preview of the Figuarts:

Doesn't he look amazing? I hope they eventually make some more...or at least come out with a non-Super Saiyan face. That'd be cool! Anyway, as for other site-related news, I'm going to have an image gallery update sometime in the next few weeks. It's going to be the screenshot gallery for the Freeza Saga, which means lots and lots of Gohan. Yay!

December 28, 2011 // Quick Update

Four more figures have been added to the Toys page, and one new link to the Links page!

December 5, 2011 // Toys, Audio, & Info!

I've added a small Toys page which showcases a few of the Gohan toys I have in my collection. This includes an ADORABLE Piccolo/Gohan one I've just received which has Gohan sleeping/resting against Piccolo (insert squee here)! In addition, I've also gone through and added some audio clips of Gohan (only in Japanese at the moment) to the media section. They're some of my favorite lines from various points of the series that range from funny moments, to serious moments (both of which I love equally).

Lastly, I rewatched the Trunks TV Special and added a new section in the info page under 'The Future' which summarizes the life of the alternate timeline Gohan; check it out here! I'm still debating whether or not I should add a page about the present timeline Gohan's future. Part of me wants to (it makes sense), but then part of me says it makes sense not to (since this site only focuses on whatever info we knew of Gohan up until the Cell Games). Hmmmm...

November 18, 2011 // Screenshots

Just finished screencapping for the Namek Saga gallery and have uploaded over 200 screenshots! I've also applied to join the new Dragonball Directory, Zenkai!, and have decided to join a few wonderful Gohan-related fanlistings as well.

November 14, 2011 // Scans

Yay, lots of pretty pictures are up! I've been fixing and updating the site everyday but have yet to make note of the changes. To quickly sum it up: new page in the info section - Physical Distinctions; new page in the image section - Front Covers; and another new page in the same area - Misc Panels. All other changes were made within pretty much every info page. Still have lots to do. More to come!

October 29, 2011 // The Revival

Say hello to the official revival of my old Son Gohan shrine! It's been renamed, redesigned, and completely rewritten. This time around, however, it's strictly dedicated to only the young version of Gohan. Why? The hidden strength, the potential, the innocence - this is what I'm a big fan of. Although I don't mind teen/adult Gohan, I just have much more of a soft spot and passion for the earlier version of himself.

I've spent a lot of time on everything on this site, so please go on ahead and check out the various sections. I will, of course, be coming back from time to time to upload updates (still have loads of episodes I need to screencap + a whole bunch of things to scan). Till then...!